Wicked Wednesday: dump your boyfriend.


Hmmm, even when you squint your eyes he does not look right.

I hate to tell you this, but he’s a real fucking slob.

Where would your girlfriends be if you couldn’t tell them what they needed to hear?

She’s be bleedin marrying him!


I’m assured by her that he didn’t always act so uncouthly.

Baby do I look like I care?

Dump him before he does something stupid.

Like propose to you.

Tell me you’re on the pill.

Don’t let him trap you with that condom split bollix!


He has a good heart.


He has a fat ass and acts like a dickhead.


I could accept her dating a dickhead if he took her home a rode the hole off her.

But all he appears to do is eat and play video games.

Bitch you need to dump his ass.


I really don’t like how she looks at him.

There is sympathy.

Oh fuck!

She sees him as a project.


Listen girl, you can’t save his flabby ass.

Save yourself before he drags you down with him.

Do you really want to spend your life sitting on the sofa eating pizza and watching reruns?

If you want, I could you kill you now?


Is he really that bad?


Do you like seeing him naked?


OK, how should I do it?


There is no need for you to make a scene.

Just send him a text and be done with it.


That sounds so heartless.

What do you think you can say to him to make it sound good? It’s bad news!


She never did do it.

And they got married.

You can’t say I didn’t try to open her eyes.

But she just wanted her fairy tale.

At least she’s not trying to fix him anymore.

Now she’s just enduring him.

She looked stunning on her big day.

He looked like a twat.



Where will it end?

Divorce of course!



What would you do if your friend was dating a buffoon?

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