Moody Monday: Crap Sex

hot couple


There is nothing more disappointing than a crap ride.

It’s doubly worse when the ride is a hottie.

I put it down to the universe having a laugh at me.

Yeah you pulled a total ruide, but guess what, he can’t fuck for shit!

Just goes to show that you should never judge a dude by his whitened teeth and perfect abs.


Life has taught me that hotties are quite often crap at sex.

Look at me, I’m hot. Just be grateful I’m here!

Of course it’s not always true.

I’m hot and I give, give, give!

Though just once in a while I would like to take.



Reminds me of something a swinger friend told me.

Close your eyes and just focus on the pleasure.

Yeah I get it.

But I can’t help it. I fancy a certain type.

No matter how good a shag you are, if you make my eyes salivate….


Many a swinger has told me that this is what separates real swingers from …..

OK, I’m not sure from what.

But you get my point.

For some people it’s all about the sensory experience.

Last I heard sight was a sense, obviously not one that counts.


For me rides are like good food.

They have to look appetising.

If they look a hot ‘greesy spoon’ they are not going to do it for me.

Isn’t chemistry based on mutual physical attraction?


OK, some relationships are slow burners.

Falling in love over time, as yiou get to know each other.

But I find that really alien.

You either fancy someone right away or you don’t.



Or can your taste change?

Can you begin to fancy a person after a while?

Is that really possible?

4 thoughts on “Moody Monday: Crap Sex

  1. I believe it’s possible. I’ve met a few people in my life who I didn’t particularly fancy straight off but then changed my mind after I’d gotten to know them. An attractive personality can make a huge difference in my opinion.

  2. There is such a thing as sex goggles. Good sex can cover a multitude of imperfections.

    Also, statistically, at least half of your sexy encounters are going to be below average. It’s just a shame that the hot ones are the ones who are the bad ones.

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