Fantasy Friday: Getting what you want


This is so unfair.

How can you do this to me?

You are an affront to feminism.

Some women have no shame.

None at all.

My beloved Houseguest is the worst of them.


In this day and age you really shouldn’t be pulling shit like this.

You don’t play nice.


What am I blathering on about?

Her body.

And how she uses it to get what she wants.


No, I do not want to meet your mother for lunch.


Look at my puppies baby.

You want them.

You need them.


Stay away from me.


Look baby.

My nipples are hard and erect.

You want to lick them don’t you?


Yes, yes, YES!!


Well you can’t unless we meet mother for lunch!


Damn you straight to hell woman!


I did try the same nonsense on her once.

Waving my cock about in her face like a sausage.

She eventually stopped laughing, but only after she wet herself.


Such is life.

Men’s simply can’t use their bodies to get what they want in the same way.

God know us men try.

We wear tight jeans.

Given our women lap dances.

Thrust our crotches in your faces.

Hell I’ve even heard of men slapping faces with their Mickeys.

Same result every time.

Fits of laughter.


I guess I just have to accept it.

When it comes to using your body to get what you want.

Women rule.



What do you do to get what you want?

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