Wicked Wednesday: Punishment


Her crime?

Her hottness.

She cannot go unpunished.

Taunting me with her beauty.


I prefer restraints.

No escape.

Not for her.

Wrists bound.

Hooked to the ceiling.


She is naked.

Breasts exposed.

Reminding me of why I must punish her.


I smell her sex.

Her excitement.

Her desire.


You will be punished.

A promise whispered in her ear.


Tease her.

Grope her.

Taste her.

Remind her that she is mine.

Punish her.


Put a wand upon her.

Watch her shake.

Take her to the edge.

Again and again.

Take her past.

Delight in her struggle to be free.


Hold her by her hips.

Enter her.




A hand upon her throat.

A finger on her clit.

She is mine.

As I am hers.

She will be punished.







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