Cropping the Dom.


Oh shit!

Never, ever tell a domme what to do.

You will regret it!


What did I do?

Nothing really.

I merely suggested that she spank my buddy.

For a bit of craic.

How dare you!

I was spun around and stripped.

In the middle of the club.


6 of the best.

She used her riding crop.

How humiliating.

The only thing that made it in any way tolerable was the groping that followed each whack!

Though the Nimneach police were unimpressed with my nudity.

Personally I think we must have looked hot.


Oh, and as for my beloved.

Who will from now on be known as the ‘Cheerleader’.


Again, again!

So much for having my back.

She betrayed me.


So did I like it?

No, not really.

Though getting groped by a hot women in latex was nice.

But no, I’m not a natural sub.

I guess I could be an erotic sub slave.

Put to work.

But no pain whore.


Did I learn my lesson?


Dommes do not like to be told what to do.

Least of all by a Plastic Dom.

How the hell did she know?

5 thoughts on “Cropping the Dom.

  1. I find this post very interesting. I am also not a pain whore. Not at all. I liked the part where you said, did I like it, no I am not a natural sub.
    Has been an issue that I have been struggling with of late. Pain has not been a factor, but being dominated and it just not feeling natural. It seems to rub me the wrong way.
    I should be able to play along, no big deal. Does not seem to be the case. My “yes masters” are definitely coming off more as “I Am going to hurt you in your sleep”, than sweet, humbled and compliant. LOL .
    Perhaps that makes it even hotter for him. He does seem to enjoy it. :/

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