Fantasy Friday: The perfect date



I know we live in enlightened times.

But I don’t care.

When it comes to dating, I am old school.

Let me explain.

For me, men should be men.

That is to say gentlemen.

A strong woman can be anything she wants, once she has you by the balls.


I like to do it right.

Pick the lady up at her home, with a bunch of flowers in hand.

Comment on how beautiful she is.

Take her by cab to the restaurant.

Make polite conversation about her.

Listen to her words.

Play footsie under the table.

Pay the bill.



Real men pick up the cheque.


I do have friends who like to go Dutch.

You know, split the bill.

I find the idea of sharing the bill emasculating.

What kind of man expects a woman to pay for his dinner?

Sounds like a submissive to me.


When you take a lady out to dinner, you open doors for her and pick up the bill.

No, that does not mean you are on a promise!

What are you?

Some kind of Neanderthal?

It’s all about who you want to be.

I want to be a gentleman.

So I act like a gentleman.


Now I can understand that some women may find that irritating.

Modern women and their funny ideas.

Let’s split the bill honey.

Why don’t you just tell everyone I have a small dick and you ride me with the corrector!


It really is like that.

I’m a man.

I’ll behave like a man.

Picking up the cheque is a small price to pay to be in the company of a beautiful lady.


What’s your perfect date?

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