Wicked Wednesday: Sexual comfort zones



Sometimes you wonder why?

Why the hell am I agreeing to this?

You keep telling yourself that this is a bad idea.

It won’t be fun and you’ll regret it.

Even when you are there, naked, you want to run.


But then you get started.


This is fucked up.

But fun.

What they hell was I afraid of?

Let’s play ball.


It’s all about comfort zones.

Challenging them and keeping an open mind.

Often the things that seem the most bizarre are the most fun.

Take my beloved, I tell her we are going to screw a 20 year old sissy boy.

She rolls her eyes.

Why on earth would I want to do that?

Er hello! For the craic….


Thankfully she has an open mind.

She will love it.

After all, the ‘corrector’ must have a day out.

You just have to throw yourself into it.


But are there things that are so freaky that they would make you turn and run?

I guess we all have hard limits.

Poo, vomit, animals, blood.

See I’m not a total freak.

Just freaky enough to make me fun.


But what do you do if your partner really is into some bizarre shit?

Like poo on his head?

Oh yes, that’s the thing.

It always seems to be the blokes that are into the really crazy stuff.


I would never want to oppress anyone, or deny them their fun, but…..

Even I draw the line somewhere.

That’s why swinging is so much fun.

You want to do what?

That’s great dear, why don’t you do that with someone else!

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