Sinful sunday: Training Sara Part 5. the word is out

candle wax BDSM



So now everyone knows.

The girl is a complain blabber mouth.

I am the new Dom on the block.

Hell I’m just winging it.


Sara has decided to trade around her friends.

Since when did Subs trade their Doms around?

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Sara says absolutely not.

Well of course not.

Don’t Subs and Bottoms always have all the power?


Anyhow, I was recommended to a friend of hers.

A rather masochistic Submissive named Mr A.

As you know, I’m winging it.

Not that Sara knows.

As far she’s concerned, I’m a total badass.

And Houseguest is my demented co-conspirator.


Hera advice: don’t hold back with Mr A.

So we trade a few messages.

All in character.

You will do this, do that.

Serve me like this, obey me like that.

And when it came to it?


The man was an utter pain whore.

Way more than Sara.

Sara liked erotic pain.

Mr A?

He just got off on humiliation and extreme pain.


I once saw a man paddle a Sub black n blue.

At the time I found it rather distressing.

But with Mr A.

I don’t know…..

I just really enjoyed inflicting pain and delicious suffering upon him.


The whole thing was rather perverse.

The man was covered in various stripes.

BDSM tiger stripes.

From the cane, the flogger, the whip.

Finished off with red candle wax.

Oh and as a treat my beloved stuck a funnel up his ass and pee’d in to it.

I said she was my co-conspirator, but really she’s the ring leader.


How did it end?

We gave him a sensual fuck.

Like I said, I really am just winging it.

But at heart I’m nice guy!

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