Fantasy Friday: Bizarre treats


Don’t we all have them?

Those things that we love to do.

And that our partners know will drive us wild.

Of course we do.

For me it’s a certain outfit.

When I see her in it, it drives me wild, with lust.

For her its the feel of something in her ass while her clit is licked.



But recently I was a little surprised by a man’s ‘treat’.

A straight man, very hot.

Perfect for a MMF treat for Houseguest.

What did he want?

He wanted to eat my cum out of her bum.


Nothing wrong with that.

A bit porno perhaps.

But he is a man after all.

But a straight man, eating another man’s load?


Just goes to show that it takes all sorts.


Being a terrible tease I had to enquire.

Would you take a drink straight from the tap?

No, just not my thing, I would if I wanted.

Fair enough.

He has a thing, and that’s it.

Don’t we all.


I did wonder about his sexuality though.

You can’t be totally straight if you like eating another bloke’s cum.

Or can you?

Maybe I’m just being a bollix and am closed minded?

Likes cum, must be bisexual?

How awful.

I really do need to get out more.



Whats your partner’s treat?


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Bizarre treats

  1. Hmm, well sexuality is not so “boxy”. It is continuum, It is fluid, and it is very complex. You can love cum and hate cock, just as you can love cock and hate cum. We are all a mixed bag of kink. You like cumming in asses, he likes eating cum from asses. Perfect!!!

    What do you do when they love something that you just don’t find hot?He likes you to call him daddy and talk dirty to him in baby talk. Or wants to be called Master (and you are a dom at heart).

  2. hhhmm licking cum from a man out of a woman’s ass. Sounds like an oral fixation to me. I bet he likes to watch too. If the smell and texture does not turn him off then it’s got to be an oral fixation. I’ll bet he’s straight as an arrow but just has a super kinky sexy part of him 😉

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