Meeting your match


I guess it’s safe to say that I have a hearty sexual appetite.

I love sex.

Who doesn’t?

But it would appear that there is a woman out there that loves sex even more than me.

Thats a polite way of saying that she is a bigger whore than me.

At first I found this hard to accept.

A woman, more demented than me?


Talk about urban myths!


Turns out that she really is a whore bag.

We are kindred spirits.

Soul sisters.

Naturally we had to meet.

By which I mean fuck.

She is a bossy one.

A natural Domme.

But I too am a Dom.

Accidentally, but still, I like to be in charge.


How did it turn out?

The first time was great.

I fucked her.

I fucked her sub.

I fucked Houseguest.

I fucking rocked!


The second time?

The bitch tied me up and sat on my face.

So much for being a Dom.

You see no matter how dominant a man might be, he has weaknesses.

Things that mesmerise him.

For most men it’s pussy.

Who would not want a hottie sat on his face?

Telling him to eat up like it’s his last meal.


Thankfully I did not spend the whole night tied up and ball gagged.

The ladies realised needed to be set free if I was to satisfy them all.

Oh yes, it was MFFF.

Fun times.

So while my mouth was free I stated the obvious.

You really have fucked half of Ireland.


I meant no offence.

It was a mere observation.

But she was not happy.

Even though she was hot, clever and funny she was trapped.

Trapped by a thought.

No woman wants to be called sexually voracious.

Notice I did not say whore.


Inside her head she still had an idea that she should be demure.

And not be whoring half the week.

Maybe she was not so empowered after all.

If she was really my match she would be owning it.


What do you think, do women feel ashamed of being sexually  voracious?

5 thoughts on “Meeting your match

  1. Hmm . Perhaps it is some perceived loss of power. That lacks the power and self respect to not be used by every man in town. That she lacks the power to overcome her own hormones. As sad as it is, being a slut, whore, or voracious is still an insult for women. If said at wrong time or by wrong person…not a good thing.

  2. women in most societies are not allowed to ‘own’ being a slut, whore, or loose with their own pussy. Only men can get away with that and still hold their head high. Women, it’s a high insult because that’s what society teaches us, and most other people. Only in Gotham city, or Skyrym, or Never Never land can a woman own her own pussy and act and be as sexual as she wants without the risk of being thrown in jail, stoned to death by her father, shunned by her community, or labeled with a bad reputation.Until places that are not real exist on earth IRL- we can only own our own pussy’s under cover of dark and in secret 🙂

  3. Yes, I am sure you did darling. All the guys, who said something like that to me, also meant it as a compliment. I knew that, but sometimes still felt like a slap in the face or a punch in the stomach. Tragic to be sure.

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