Sinful Sunday: Give her what she wants!



As I’m sure you all know, threesomes are all about the woman.

Oh you may think that the men are having their wicked way with her.

But that would be naive.

There is only one star in this show, it’s not me and it isn’t him.

We are there to give her what she wants.


And what does she want?

In the case of my beloved it’s DP.

She is in all honestly a DP whore.

Great, you may think!

But you have no idea how difficult DP is.


In the movies they make it look so easy.

But trust me, its not!

What’s the problem?

The problem is always the guy on the bottom.

Getting him to stay up and ‘in’.

Sometimes it just does not work.


You spend ages trying to build up a rhythm but you get no where.

What a bollix!

What’s my point?

Giving a woman what she demands is not always easy!

Firstly, you have weird positions that require a double jointed cock.

Secondly, you have to give her three orgasms for every one of your own.

Thirdly, I need to recharge and she is ready to go again!

It’s not easy being a man!


You see this is why threesomes are so important.

One man is just not enough to satisfy a real women.

Oh it’s no reflection on the man.

It’s just biology is biology.

So get organising!


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