Fantasy Friday: Be afraid.



Things were not always like this.

At first they were quite vanilla.

But ever so slowly, over time, she has become more and more demented.

I guess it was always in her.

Just waiting to get out when the coast was clear.

Now the beast has been set free.


Her aggressive, dominant tendencies are liberated.

Thankfully I am not the focus of her aggression.

In her mercy I have been put in the Dom pile.

I am to assist her in tormenting Subs.


Now we’ve all read 50 Shades.

A harmless slap and tickle is fun.


You would think.

But the reality is different.

Watching her drip hot wax on to a Subs clitoris reminds me to never get on her bad side.

The really scary thing?

The look in her eyes.

She really, really enjoys inflicting pain.


This is the difference between a committed amateur and a professional.

This woman is evil.

There was an occasion that I was compelled to intervene.

Sweetheart that’s going to really hurt.

She did not say a thing, just placed her delicate hand around my throat and squeezed.

I nearly came.

Like I said, she knows what she’s doing.


At some point fear becomes excitement.

That’s what it appears to be about.

When her subs see her put on the ‘corrector’ their eyes light up.

Oh it’s going to hurt.

They know that.

In fact it’s going to hurt a lot.

Which is just what they want.

Fear will pulse through them and burst out in a wave of endorphins.


That evil smile?

She knows how much they crave it.

How much they will get off on it.


I’m just a prop.

There to look good and bask in her glory.


How does pain make you feel?

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Be afraid.

  1. Never been a pain whore myself. I am more of a pleasure torture person. Make them cum until they are wrung out, muscles aching and week. Whole body so intensely sensitive that touch is almost unbearable. Where the person begs for mercy.

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