Wicked Wednesday : Choke hold




Is there anything sexier than a powerful woman?

Today everyone is obsessed with submissive types.

Women who want to be slapped and spanked.

Whatever, I’m bored already.


Are you thinking a dominant woman?

You are trapped by your concepts.

It’s not about dominance or submission.

It’s more a state of mind.


Oh yes.

That is the key attribute.

Call it what you will.

You know it, if she has it.



No you idiot not in that sense.

I mean she takes you.

You become hers.

You have no choice.

She is that powerful.

You give yourself freely and totally.


You learn your place with a woman of power.

There is a perfect fit.

It is intense.

It can be hard work.

But you would have her no other way.


I love to be choked, mostly while she’s on top.

The feel of her soft hands around my neck.

Those perfect manicured nails.

That red polish.

The glint of passion in her eyes.

That is power


What are the chances of finding a woman such as this?

The odds are remote.

Most women are, well not like this.

Most men fear a woman such as this.

But when such a prize comes along you need to seize it with both hands.

Only a fool would let her slip through his grasp.

And I am no fool.


Do you think most men fear strong women?



One thought on “Wicked Wednesday : Choke hold

  1. Oh to be that kind of woman. Most men fear that kind of women out loud but secretly want it, need it, crave it, but are too afraid to speak their mind. Most men, I might add, but not all.

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