Fantasy Friday:  damsel in distress



Thank you very much erotica!

What a pain in the gee you are.

Oh where are you prince charming?

Where is my hero?

Oh my heaving bosom!

What a crock of auld shite.


Where has this all led us to?

An evil place, where women just lay back waiting to be taken.

Like some cheap erotic novel heroine.

How insufferable.

It’s almost as bad as wanking alone in the dark.


Why are book heroine’s such wretched lovers?

Oh I’m complicated, I have to be intense.

You got to stop laying there and push back!


Am I asking for too much?

Is it unwomanly to be, you know, assertive in bed?

All I want is a woman who will choke me and show me she has spunk.

Really is that too much?


I want to read about a woman who is a wild harlot.

Chewing men up and spitting them out.

Though a lady never spits.

I want to read about a woman like me.


Now it’s making sense.

I’m in love with me!

How could I have not seen this before?

After all, I am a total ride.

Roberta Indiana, where are you?

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday:  damsel in distress

  1. Oh dearest Robert, your gayness is revealing itself. Yes, you are in love with yourself, as is the way of the gay! I know your mammy told you to be careful a out falling in love with the wrong people! But I digress….

    Yes, most female book characters are crap lovers by my standards, which is interesting, since most erotica is written by women. Women expecting men to make their dreams come true.

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