Wicked Wednesday : Sex is a dirty word

violence and sex

Even now I keep seeing it in my mind’s eye.

The whole scene only lasted 30 seconds.

I was only channel hopping.

And yet it is burnt into my mind.

The first night I could hardly sleep.


A lady got her throat cut.

A man stabbed in the chest.

Blood spouted from their wounds.

All this in the name of entertainment.

This is Game of Thrones.

It is Violence Pornography.


We live in a world where sex is a dirty word.

And yet every day we see grotesque acts of violence.

Video games and TV shows, they drip with casual acts of depravity.


Not sex.

The killing of people.

It’s become normal.


Sex is not normal.

It brings us all into the world.

It gives us pleasure.

It binds us.

But no, sex is not normal.

I’s dangerous.

It needs to be hidden and controlled.

We can’t show it in video games.

Kids need to be protected from it until they marry.

That’s how dangerous it is.


What a strange world we live in.

Something beautiful is repressed.

While something destructive is venerated.


What do you think, are casual displays of violence killing our humanity? 

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