Easter Monday: Training Sara. Part 4 : Pain is the key to orgasm

training sara BDSM


There is always an awkward moment.

You know, when the time for talk finishes and you need to get down to business.

Our business?

Pain and suffering.

I’m kidding of course!

She wont exactly be suffering but she will be in pain.



I just don’t get it.

If you spank my ass it hurts.

Let me be clear, I don’t like it.

But some people?

Heaven’s to Betsy!

I might not like it, but I sure can dish it out.


So what do you do with a hot twenty one year old when you have her tied up?

Hot wax.

Lots of hot wax.

Most girls they wriggle, they beg.

Their eyes ask for mercy.


She’s a stubbon creature.

Proud. Belligerent.

Suffice to say she was covered in hot wax.

It wasn’t until my beloved poured hot wax directly onto her clitoris that we got what we wanted.

That deep moan and pain filled ecstasy.


Some girls, they amaze me.

She really is some pain slut.

Alway give a girl what she wants.

So out came our bag of tricks.

Some of you may remember ‘Laurence’.

He made an appearance.

It really does make a wonderful noise as he meets naked flesh.


What was my favourite toy?

I loved the mouth gag.

It’s one of those disc types.

Keeps the mouth open so you can insert things into it.

Namely, my erect penis!

I like the nipple clamps too.

So pretty.


As for Houseguest, she adored having Sara’s face mashed into her pussy as I bummed Sara.

Somehow she was able to make my beloved come.

Who would have thought that would make a good oral sex technique.

Training Sara?

Looks like we learned something too!


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