Wicked Wednesday: Secret fantasies

tentacle I just don’t get women!

There I said it!

I mean what is up with you lot?

You shock me.

I think I need to sit down.

What’s brought on this hot flush?

Seems many of you harlots have rape fantasies.

Now I’m not stupid.

I know that you don’t actually want to be raped.

Hell no!

But you do like the idea of violent sex.

In your mind.  

I have to remind myself that most people have bizarre fantasies.

And they are just that.

Depraved thoughts.

Never to be made real.

That’s why we read alien tentacle erotica!

The reality is that most people have quite weird fantasies.

Raped by a football team.

Anally probed by an alien!

I have a friend who would like to be flogged and sodomised by Italian nuns!

So will all these bizarre sexual fantasies leave us jaded?

Unable to get off through vanilla sex?

What if your desire to have a tentacle up your fanny leaves you unsatisfied with cock?

It’s a slippery slope.

One minute you are reading about getting intimate with an octopus, the next you are loitering at the fish mongers.

Where will it end I ask you?!

20 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Secret fantasies

  1. When I started reading this, I wasn’t entirely sure where you were going with it but then I ended up roaring with laughter. Won’t be able to go to a fish monsters for a while without smirking.

  2. So do any of you ever misread a word, then think how did I think it said that ? No, me neither. I totally did NOT misread the last word of Ava’s reply and think it said squirt. LOL. If I had, it would have made her reply more interesting.

    For the record, If HG love Tentacle porn, then I support her whole heartedly!!! What Ever gets you off, babe. Like long tongues with little suction cups. Hmmmmm.

  3. The one I read was a Japanese tentacle monster in a sex club. I also dreamed about tentacles in a sex club last night. I was wearing a fabulous dress, not that it was on for very long.

  4. Ava, i sense the possibility to convert you to demented ways! Next I will have you reading shape-shifter sex, but the good kind….. Where the shifter is in animal form! Ever read dolphin sex? They are really hung! Lolololol!

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