Sinful Sunday: Malfunctioning hotties



Give it time you will be grand like.

Have some more wine.

Hmmm….. it’s not getting any better.

Try to relax.

I am relaxed!


Life can be so incredibly unkind.

There you are, looking hot in latex hot pants with a rod shaped bulge.

Your beloved is also looking rather hot, in latex and killer heels.

Not as hot as me, but still smoking!

And our bit of fun, also looking hot in latex but…….no bulge.


Nerves, they get us all.

So I’m told.

No matter.

We are so hot!

It’s only a question of time before his body responds.


We’ll put on a show.

He will love it.

Before you know it he’ll be ravishing us.

This is how you fuck face.

This is how you ride pussy.

This is how you pound ass.


Try as we might, nothing seemed to work.

His personal porn show made no difference.

He had fallen prey to Mickey killing first night nerves.

There really is nothing one can do to help.

It’s all in his mind.

We should have wrapped it up much earlier, rather than prolonging his agony.

But my beloved was looking so hot I just had to have her…….. three times.


I guess we only have ourselves to blame.

He was straight.

Dreadful I know.

We don’t normally have straight men for threesomes.

Less fun you see.

But this man had killer abs, and tight buns.

So we thought ‘live a little.


Let that be a warning to you, stay away from straight men.

They are a constant disappointment!!


What would you have done?


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