Fantasy Friday: Dirty Secrets

sexy geeks


We all have a type, yes?

Tall dark and handsome.

Tanned, athletic and moody.

How about short, skinny and geeky?


I’m not feeling it.


Stick with me.

Sexual attraction is like a circle.

You can come back on yourself.

A person can be so not your type that they become your type.

Trust me this is true.


Have you ever fancied a bastard or bitch?

You know the type.

Disgusting in every way but you just have to have him or her.

Of course you have.

Think about it.


It’s the anti hero.

The wrongun.

The one that no one should be rooting for.

But you just can’t help it.

That dirty little secret.


Now we get to it.

You have one.

A secret.

Something you try to forget, but still makes you horny.

You tell yourself that you mustn’t think about the encounter.

But you do, and you love it.

Maybe you even think about it when you are with your current lover.


Like I said, we all love a wrongun!


So who is your anti hero? The one you really have to have?

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Dirty Secrets

  1. I have on occasion gone for the type screaming ‘outwardly reserved, but wild underneath that exterior’. Mistake every time. First impressions are usually right. Unfortunately, there was never much behind the reservedness!! Just my hopeful fantasy I guess.

    1. I was once with a guy who was “outwardly reserved” but ended up being a demon in the sack. Truly, he was a kinky bastard…the most sexually inclined I’ve EVER known. Was I just lucky?

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