Training Sara. Part 3. Not so innocent.

Sexy sub
Failed to prepare? Then fail to prepare!
That’s what I always say.
I like to do my homework on a new play thing.
So I understand it, so I know how to inflict delicious torment.

So what have I found out about Sara?
She’s not so innocent afterall.
In fact she has been quite studious.
A little rope play here, a little mutual spanking there.
She’s no inexperienced wall flower.
She has been rather active on the deviant circuit.

I feel like I’ve been had.
She acts all cute and innocent.
But she’s not innocent at all.
She been bad.
Very bad.
And I find that incredibly hot.
So hot in fact that she will need to be punished.

What do we do with those who mislead us?
We tie them up and drip candle wax on their clitoris!
Pain is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

By the time we are done she will be begging for sexual release.
Or just to be released full stop.
Who knows.
Lets wing it.

People say all sorts of things when they are tied up.
We do like begging.
Subs will promise you the world.
Oh I promise to be good.
I won’t do it again.
It’s all bull shit of course.
People can’t help themselves.
Bad is in their nature.

Not that I would expect anyone to change their behaviour.
God no.
Where would be the fun in that?
I will just offer them absolution through pain and orgasms.

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