People you meet at orgies.

Sexy Dutch

As I’m sure you all know, the British are all subs.
Spank em, whip em, call them names and ride them.
The Irish, we are a little bit more repressed….at first.
Guilt you see.
Awful business.
We never want to go first.
Or willingly….
But basically we will go along with the craic.
As long as its mighty fierce.
Once the party gets swinging, sure what does it matter, we’re going to hell anyway.

As for the Dutch?
Have you seen Austin Powers?
Surely you know of Goldmember?
Well they really are like that.
Hellosh daaarlingschs!
We have sexy time together yesh!?

Naturally my beloved likes any person who she can put to work eating her pussy.

No need to make small talk.
Just tell then what you want.
Eat my pussy until I say stop…….

Personally I like to take my time.
Read people’s body language.
Get feel for them.
Have a bit of smooching.
Work into the moment.
I would never be so ungentlemanly as to say ‘fancy a fuck love’?

But when in Rome, or Holland.

Lets ruide love!

There is no holding these people back.
They know how to party.
And how to put on a show.
Which I completely appreciated.
I especially loved the woman who squirted across the floor.
So much so that I gave her a round of applause.
Good work!
Tally ho.
Bosh, bosh my dear!
She blushed.
Quiet right too.
Someone is going to have to clean that up.

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