Training Sara. Part 2. The interview.



This wasn’t how I was expecting it to turn out.
Hell no!
What I was expecting was for my ego to get wanked off.
But no.
I’m told to sit there and be quiet.
This is an interview.
We are supposed to be asking questions.
I’m supposed to be talking.
I like the sound of my own voice.

One of us is conducting the interview.
The other is just looking pretty.
And drinking his pint like a good boy.
My beloved is not exactly asking questions.
She’s telling Sara how its going to be.
What’s expected of her.

Sara, god bless her, she totally enthralled by Houseguest.
I keep catching her looking at HG’s rack.
We make eye contact.
She blushes, and then continues to stare at them.
She really does like boobies.

So we are in agreement.
You are to be my protege.
She’s going to be what?
I thought she was going to be my sub.
OK, our sub.
Our play toy?

I will teach you everything about being a domme.
You can practice on Robert.
He’s not much of a sub, but he will have to do.

Now just hold on a minute.
This is not what we talked about.
This is not what we agreed.
This is not fair.

As you can see Robert likes to whine, don’t worry I have a ball gag.
That will be your first lesson.

I feel cheated but a little aroused.
So basically the two of you are going to hurt me?
Like feck you are.
Don’t worry my love, you will spend a lot of time on your knees licking our feet.
Maybe this won’t be so bad after all?

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