Training Sara. Part 1. By Houseguest.



Oh that giddy feeling, just like when I got my first puppy as a child. The unconditional love and adoration one receives from a pet is seldom replicated elsewhere in life. I do suppose Sarah is my new pet, now that I think about it. I give myself to her well-being and her training, and she adores me in return. LOL. Only this pet is 21 and stunningly gorgeous.

When Robert and I headed out to the bdsm club Saturday night, the most I hoped to find was some freaky entertainment amongst the spankers and wankers. It’s slim pickings more often that not. But we both did a double take when we saw Sarah tied to the cross and getting her mighty fine ass spanked by her play partner. Her body was so beautiful, as she arched her back to get the most out of her spanking. Plenty of eyes were on Sarah, but I had no doubts that Sarah would be mine to play with.

As Robert went to get us drinks, I wasted no time in making myself known to Sarah. I approached her play-partner mid-spank and asked him if I could join in, assuring him she would enjoy it. Her “Dom” seemed a bit flustered, as it isn’t really good form to interrupt a play scene. But hey, he should be Dom enough to put me in my place, right? Since he hadn’t managed to get out any words yet and stood there with bug eyes, it seemed like a good time to mark my territory, so to speak.

Approaching Sarah from behind, I whispered my name into her ear and told how good I would make her feel. I spanked one cheek while Dom-boy spanked the other. Seems he forgot about the eroticism, however, and as I licked and bit the cheek I spanked, she began moaning and arching in my direction. Dom was done for! Alas, Robert arrived with drinks, and my appetizer to Sarah had been served. It’s all about the buildup.

Sarah caught up with us soon enough and told me how devastated she was that I stopped my tease of her. At first I was thinking, “play material”, but then something interesting happened. A sub wearing nothing but a thong came crawling up to Sarah and offered her his leash to do with him as she pleased. The light in her eyes spoke to me like a kindred spirit, and I realized there might be more to this lovely young woman than I had first thought. And then she sealed her fate.

Turning to me with excitement written on her face, she asked me what to do with the sub and how. A thrill ran through me! I am normally the one taking charge, but now I had someone wanting to learn from me. As I began instructing Sarah, I enjoyed it as much as if I were the one ‘correcting’ all those needy men.

“Wrap his leash tight around your hand so that it chokes him”.

“Order him to lick your shoes”.

“Spank his ass hard, and don’t forget to spank his balls”.

“Ride him around like a pony for all to see”.

“Bend over and have him lick your ass”.

My student took to her role beautifully. When it seemed as if things couldn’t have gone better with Sarah, she upped the ante by telling us how she had always longed to be with a woman, one who could show her the ropes in more ways than one. Of course, Robert was practically salivating at this point, understandably. Never one to leave out the love of my life, I told her we would both introduce her to new pleasures. She could have plenty of girl time with me, AND we would use Robert for her Domme training. Sometimes I just have the best ideas!!

She and I were as giddy as schoolgirls, though Robert was likely a bit more conflicted. Yes, he will be the lucky man to have two hotties for his pleasure. But suffer for it he will, because someone has to be the sub for Sarah’s training….








19 thoughts on “Training Sara. Part 1. By Houseguest.

  1. I think lesson #1 should be how to punish for insubordination. He continually spells her name wrong. That will never do. I suggest he be restrained, gagged, flogged, then her name dripped in hot wax across his arsecheeks…for starters.

  2. Aaah Paige, wise suggestions. Though the spelling is unimportant, as one never uses real names in the clubs anyway. I suspect her real name is something quite exotic to my ears. But no matter, your suggestions will be implemented straight away!

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