Fantasy Friday: Sexual clichés.


I totally get why he’s rolling his eyes.

It must be tiresome.

Believe it or not he’s actually very sensitive.

He enjoys the arts, poetry, theatre and good food.

He’s very metro sexual.

But alas……

To most people he is just BBC.

In absolute terms yes.

He’s Black.

It’s big.

And it is a cock.

But it connected to a real human being.

Who wants to be reduced to their cock?


‘I’m a man with real emotions and wants’.

Oh I know my dear!

Dude I totally get it!

I’m just DPW to most people.

Drunken Paddy Whore!

It’s the same every time.

Will you fuck my wife and treat her like a whore?

Actually I’d like to make love to her, all sensitive like…..

Will you fuck my wife and treat her like a whore?

People just don’t listen.

They want the whole BBC experience.

So why do you do it?

I like to fuck!

Stupid me, he is a man.

Imagine if we reduced women in the same way.

I love me some WWP.

Waxed white pussy.

Fuck yeah.

Give it me!

Pretty retarded, right?

Would women stand for that?

No, and yet they love the idea of BBC.

There is only one thing for it.

Fuck some good sense into them.

With your BBC.

One thought on “Fantasy Friday: Sexual clichés.

  1. Thanks for pointing out the double standard. Women would be seriously pissed off to be known as WWP, and yet is acceptable to label a man that way. Wrong, wrong, wrong…. but I still want some BBC!

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