Sex Training

sex class

Is it possible to sex train a woman?

I don’t mean teach her new tricks.

No, I mean can you teach her to be a bit more proactive?

Can you change a person’s sexual predispositions?

For some bizarre reason even seasoned swingers still think that a man should take the lead.


Do people still think a woman has a role in bed?

The role being passive?

How boring!

What kind of man wants a boring woman?

So can you make a passive woman more active in the sack?

And if so, how do you go about it?

Order her about to do stuff?

No that can’t be right.

I want a woman to be proactive because she wants to be.

Not because I’m ordering her about.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

I need a plan. A way to show these women that its more fun to get stuck in.

Maybe I should act like them?

Thats it!

I will just lay there.

Do nothing!

How flipping boring!

This sounds like shite sex!

Oh god!

It’s dawning on me.

I am having shite sex!

No! This can’t be.

I’m a total ride.

OK. Take a deep breath.

It’s not shite sex paddy.

Not if I’m involved.

I’m making it good.

Shite. I need a drink.

Thank feck its Paddy’s Day.

17 thoughts on “Sex Training

  1. So weird me & a male friend were just discussing this the other day. I agree many women don’t feel the need to try in bed & expect men to do everything! I think it’s time women woke and realised it’s a two way street. I was going to write a post about it & I probably still will, I was worried at the reaction I would get from women but it think you & my male friend have a valid point. Not me of course, I’m amazing in the sack 😉

  2. I believe people are born with their personality. It’s set into their DNA just like hair colour and eyes, etc. Outside influences such as upbringing, education, social interaction, environment and personal growth do play a part in how a personality develops, but essentially our true essence remains the same. So, can you make someone more sexually assertive when it’s not in their nature? I’m not convinced you can. Sure, they can pretend to be what you want them to be, but is their heart really in it? Are they really enjoying it? Will the behaviour stick? Maybe you should be more specific when seeking out your play mates…”Only head strong go-getters need apply!” I was going to say “Only dominate people need apply”, but then you’d find yourself being ball gagged and spanked more than not, and I doubt that’s what you’re after. Lol Or is it?

  3. Sex isn’t a ‘spectator sport’ and requires everyone’s very active participation. Convincing some women in this is difficult; they, like us, have been conditioned to let the man call the shots and take the lead, that they should be submissive in sex and while that can be fun, it’s even better when she has the determination and confidence in her herself to want to get hers right along with him.

    If there was one thing a woman has to learn in this, it’s to be assertive – but not aggressive. She has to be made to understand that it’s okay for her to express her lust and desires, that she doesn’t have to wait for him to initiate sex, that’s it’s also okay for her to ask for what she wants… and to take it, too. You have to ask her, “Baby, if you really love sex as much as you say you do, why aren’t you doing more in this? I don’t mind ‘doing all the work’ but the truth is, I’m not the only one in this bed…”

    You have to be patient because it’s gonna take her a few to get this into her head – and believe it. You have to coach her into letting go of her fears and inhibitions and, importantly, that she’s going to be emotionally safe by doing so. We know that, sometimes, a woman is made to be passive, thanks to some of the guys in her sexual past and trying to overcome this is a real bitch… but can be made easier if she, too, is wondering how to get more out of the sex she’s currently having.

    It’s a process but if you can hang in there with her as she goes through it, you won’t be disappointed.

          1. Perhaps! Unless she tells you, not only won’t you know but now you’re left to you own devices – and what you try to do isn’t what floats her boat and sinks yours.

  4. Maybe I am a bit different than the “typical” female or maybe because I was raised to express my wants and desires. I have always made it a point to be an active participant in my bedroom activities. You’re only doing yourself a disservice if you don’t. If I want something a particular way or want to try something I do not have an issue communicating this to my partner. In fact, it’s one of the things my partner has always told me what turns him on and that just adds to the satisfaction level.

  5. At least you can get off! I am always the one disappointed by
    The “lie backers”. All take and no give! How disappointing😬

  6. Hmm. A lot of good points and ideas to address . We will ignore the term “train”. Might not be best term but we will use it for lack of another term. Lol. Training by its very nature involves the slow changing on habits and behavior OVER TIME. TIME is a key element. You don’t change someone’s habits it ten minutes. Not for swinger situations.

    Paige is right that there are limits to how much one can change a person’s nature. That being said change is possible. People like good sex. People want to have good sex. The problem tends to be that the woman is uncomfortable.

    Ordering her to be aggressive, demanding it, being a bully or passive aggressive…none of which will mak her feel safe and ccomfortable. Comfort , safety and trust come with time and patience.

    For the swinger situation, you have to discuss desires and expectations. You have to take them “as is”. Know what your buying. Lol.

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