Fantasy Friday: Skanky snatch

skanky snatch

When you see a man running away from a vagina you know there is something up.

It looked like a normal gee.

Pretty, shaved, ready to eat.

What the hell was wrong it?

Being a coward I sent my beloved Houseguest to have a closer inspection.

Her eyes don’t normally roll about like that when she gets close to a woman’s bits.

There is no polite way of saying this.

Your one has a skanky snatch.



Sure enough, it did not smell good.

What kind of woman comes to an orgy with a rank vagina?

It’s just rude.

So what do you do with this swinger faux pas?

Would you put your cock somewhere you wouldn’t put your mouth?

No of course not.

So the poor woman was shunned.

Come denial!

Life is cruel.

Swingers can be a pretty unforgiving bunch.


Because this is not love.

Swinging is fantasy sex.

There are not many people who fantasise about skanky snatch.

Those kinds of kinks are rare indeed.

That’s the thing that most non swingers fail to get their heads around.

Swinging is all about sex.

Sex without emotion.

It is about the physical.

It’s about getting off.

Without the baggage of relationships.

Could you fuck without emotions?

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Skanky snatch

  1. Have you thought of working in showers/grooming as a fantasy/fetish? You tell her it is your greatest desire to take her into the bathroom and wash her inside and out. You have to incorporate these things into your erotic encounters!!!!

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