Fantasy Friday: Boy toys

boy toy 

Is it just me or are young people getting kinkier?

I remember when I was 20 I would just be happy I got any kind of action.

How things have changed!

Hey! I’d love to meet you both. Can I be your sub?

This from a twenty year old.

What a demented fellow.

Hurt me.

Tie me up.

Peg me.

Use me.

What a sick twisted freak.

But like he said. It’s only sex and its fun.

He will do nicely.

I guess in this day and age people are more sexually confident at an earlier age.

We see porn, we read stuff.

Monkey see, monkey do.

I just wish I had been so liberated.

I was well into my twenties before I had my first threesome.

Part of me is a little jealous.

How dare he have so much fun at such an early age.

There is only one thing for it.

Hurt him until we all come.

I don’t know why I enjoy hurting people.

But I do.

Just the thought of a sub in pain, orgasming….

It makes me throb.

The degradation.

Damn it, I only wish I had so much fun at that age!

Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 4. Buy it or die!


Beautiful, decadent, depraved London! I love the place. Or to be more accurate, I love English guys. Just call me a tea queen. London is my escape. The place I ran away to, when I needed to get away from the stress of hiding who I was. Can you imagine how exciting it was to be living here? No one who cared knew about me. How comforting it was, just to be another face in the crowd. 

Of course, back then I was not Conor Murphy, Superstar. No, I was a shy insecure Irish homo in the city and fair game to all the older predatory guys. Wow, I make myself sound like a weak little twink. In the most important way, I was. The body of a Greek god was undermined by a fragile mind.

Having said all that, I still had plenty of fun. A tremendous excitement fills you when you get your hands on cock or get fucked for the first time. That fragile, naive mind stops you from taking in what’s happening to you on a deeper level. You simply enjoy the superficial, the orgasms and, well, the orgasms mostly. Had I been a good catholic boy, I would have been wracked with guilt, maybe I would have gone into that whole BDSM scene?

Yeah, hit me again, I like it. Beat that sin out of me. 

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Boy toys

  1. Hmm. I think the world has gotten kinkier, or at least more people are talking about kinky stuff. Kink is everywhere you look and talked about by so many people. Seems to be the new normal. I have been surprised lately by young men being well…not kinky. It is both refreshing and shocking.

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