Wicked Wednesday: Timid men


I’ve heard it all before.

You’ve been together so long that you fancy something different.

Oh it doesn’t mean that you’ve fallen out of love.

Or that you’re having a mid life crisis.

No, you just want a bit of excitement.

You would like to share the ‘moment’ with him.

But, well….

To be frank, he just can’t cope with the idea of sharing.


Men are supposed to be sex obsessed.

But offer him some fun and he cries off.

It just isn’t in his comfort zone.

You want excitement, he wants his pipe n slippers.

So what do you do?

Do you trade your man in?

Cheat on him?

Come to an arrangement?

Or do you read erotica?

Escape to a world where you can live out your fantasies?

And just put up with it being miserable?

You should always read my erotica.

It will inspire you to do filthy things!

But erotica won’t satisfy your hunger.

You’ll still feel like you’re missing out.

And no one wants to miss out.

So how do you convince a reluctant partner that swinging will be fun?

And that they don‘t have to worry about you running off with a toy boy?


Maybe you just have to lay on something so hot he could not resist?

To bring him out of his shell.

So that’s your mission.

If you’re willing to accept it

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