Moody Monday: A whore’s smile


Rob you’re bit off a sex freak. Why don’t you write erotica?

OK! How hard can it be?

Stupid auld me!

Little did I know what I would be letting myself in for.

After a year and a bit of being an erotica whore what have I found out?

Selling books is not as easy as I thought it would be.

Holiday spending money, not Ferrari buying money.

You can write commercial erotica and make money.

Or do your own thing, share your freakiness and scare people!

Oh foolish pride.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some nice people.

Connect with like minded weirdos from all over the world.

It’s been pretty positive.

There have been some hic-ups along the way.

Mostly of my own making.

But hey, I’m a man!

There are sure to be some self made screw ups!

I’ve never experienced any bullying, though I had a homophobic remark thrown at me.

Some idiot called me a cocksucker.

Er hello!

Have you sucked cock?

It’s fucking amazing like.


But thankfully we have the block/delete/report button.

Sadly other people have not been so fortunate.

Writers have to put up with cyber nuts and bullies.

Oh and jealousy!


People are under the opinion that they can say and do anything they want in cyberville.

Otherwise good people are being complete bitches and wankers.

Lets me clear.

In case you are confused.

It’s never OK to be a bully.

Or to act like a rank mickey.

You may think you’re being funny.

Newsflash: everyone else thinks your being a dickhead.

But such is the life of a wannabe author.

We whore ourselves and endure.

No baby I’m not faking, you know I really love it.

Is cyber bullying just part of a writer’s life?

17 thoughts on “Moody Monday: A whore’s smile

  1. I am beyond happy that you posted that. Its not OK that people think they can bully writers on social media. They don’t understand that you are sharing a piece of yourself when you write. Writers are not robots who have no feelings. They’re are actual people whether it is a pen name or not. It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel and not have remorse for what they have said. They should be stoned…with big boulders that have sharp points.

  2. I hate bully’s of any kind !! I think of them as just a sad asshole behind a computer montor ! Or a phone . Block . Unfollow , report ! I say that any writer should be writting and don’t think about the bullies of the world . Ppl will read your books . So carry on my friend !!

              1. I’ll see after Eroticon, it will be my parting gift when I kill off Ava. I shall do it with a Whore’s Smile!

                And maybe display his phone number so that all can bombard him with texts.

                1. Don’t kill off Ava!!!! That is giving your bully more power than he deserves in your life. Unless you plan to stay off all social media forever, your stalker will simply continue the abuse on your new name. As an author, it will be easy to track down the info. Every case is different, but I disagree with the statement that bullies are just looking to get a reaction. It is inaction that makes some the perfect victim. Bullies back down when they see their actions will have consequences for themselves. Of course they might back down out of boredom at some point if you don’t react, but do you really want to live your life that way? For your own well being, you will feel better and more empowered if you take control instead of waiting to see what he will do next. Out him to the world. Name names. Block, delete, and live your life.

                  1. I know what you are saying is right, I truly do. Maybe with some distance from it I will. I was very careful and have not revealed anything personal. That was the main issue for him. Why he was so desperate to see my face I have no idea. I also think that if I had not been through this before (in person) I would not be so hesitant to name him. But I have and it didn’t have a great outcome when I outted him. He is now blocked and reported.x

  3. I think it depends on what kind of bullying is occurring. Outing them may work in some cases but it’s not always wise to poke a psycho with a stick. The best rule of thumb is to ignore them completely as soon as it turns into bullying.

    Bullies want a reaction, so don’t give them one no matter how much you want to bite back. It’s just not worth the hassle or the energy. Though, if someone seriously threatens you it could be a matter best left for the authorities. It’s very easy to trace I.P addresses. Too many bullies think they are safe from repercussions because they are hiding behind a screen which may even be on the other side of the world, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

    I think especially in our profession it has to be expected that sooner or later we will all encounter some kind of nutcase who feels it’s okay to throw snarky remarks our way, whether it’s because of jealously, spite, erotic literature haters, or simply because they have a few screws loose in the noggin’ and get off on offending or trying to scare someone. Even the purest of souls aren’t immune to online attacks. The internet just makes it easier for bullies to carry them out.

    I don’t know about the rest of the world, but cyber bullying is no longer tolerated in Oz. I’ve seen way too many news reports of people (a large majority of them being school kids) committing suicide because of relentless cyber bullies. We all need to keep in mind that real people are on the other side of the screen…real people with real feelings, and who quite possibly are dealing with real problems of their own. Bullying someone when they may already be on the edge could be the final push.

  4. *puts editor’s cap on* Above correction ^… Note to all:

    Yes, Robert, very good advice. I know I’ve learned my lesson. I should never have given YOU my personal details!

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