Fantasy Friday: Playing hard to get

hard to get

Being the total legend that I am, inferior men often come to me for advice.

I always try to be constructive and helpful.

No, really I do!

So my friend Mat is in a pickle.

He is dating a fine young thing, it seems to be going well but….

Third date and still no sex.

Is that normal?


His question to me: is she playing hard to get or just not that into me?

Third date and no sex?

That really is bizarre.

He assures me that she’s not god squad.

And that they are going on dates and not just two friends going out for drinks.

Have you kissed?

Had a fumble of any sort?

Just a few snogs.



Firstly, do people still play hard to get?

I thought in these enlightened times you took what you wanted?

You are a ride, eat my pussy and then piss off home.

That sounds pretty normal to me.

What do you think?

I just can’t accept that she would be playing hard to get.

Maybe no sex on a first night, if you wanted a keeper.

But three dates and no sex?!

That is sick!!

Frankly it has me stumped.


Maybe she just isn’t that into him.

But why would you date a guy three times if you really wasn’t that into him?

It really makes no sense to me.

So does her persevere?

He needs sex.

But how can you say ‘put out or it’s over’ and not sound like a total dick?

Sorry Mat,  but you are on your own!

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Playing hard to get

  1. Maybe he hasn’t made the right move yet and she’s the type of girl who doesn’t like to be the first to instigate? Is he timidly snogging her goodnight or is he going in with the full-on lustful pash and I’m-going-to-take-you-now groping?

  2. 3 dates & sex !! That is the rule now ??? Well , I grew up in a different time so maybe I am old fashioned … I like the slow pace myself

  3. he just needs to tell her he wants her- women love to feel and be wanted. She may be thinking he’s playing hard to get too; and they could both be really terrible at communication. Time to ask for what you want, do without being a dog or a jerk and she’ll love him for it! All she can say is no, right? Take a fucking chance and just SAY IT

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