Men and ego Sex


As any auld hoor will tell you, one does not merely get bummed!

One must work up to it.

You can’t just bend over and say ‘root me’.

Unless of course you are a bloke, in which case common sense is suspended.

I feel, as a fellow man, it’s my duty to warn him.

Dude it’s going to hurt.

I can take it, I’ve been fingered.


Why are men so retarded?

Is it genetic?

It must be, there can’t be any other reason.

We are inflicted with ego.

He condemned to a life of dumbass choices.

Ego is the reason why my buddy wants to take an 8 inch dildo up his ass.

That will show those women! I can take anything they can.

The fool.

But let’s cut him some slack.

He’s just a fella.

What will become of him?

He ass will be ruined.

He’ll be scarred for life.

And that mean’s I will not get my chance to ride him.

See, this is a tragedy.

I could ask the women to show mercy

Will they?

Will they bollix!

My demented Houseguest has already pulled out the corrector.

Men might be stupid but women are mean.

Stupidity is actually forgivable.

Adorable even

Bless him, he’s stupid……


But meanness?

Hell that’s just mean.

Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 4. On Sale today!

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