Wicked Wednesday: Aggressive Wives


Holy shit!


I mean REALLY?

He likes that?

Maybe not, but I know I do.

This woman is evil.

Wives really are bizarre.

Since when did it become sexy to knee your husband in the nuts?

Since she decided she likes it I guess.

I want you to do this.

I want you to do that.

When I’m finished you can have him.

If there is anything left.

I’m the boss.

Do you understand?

You’re so dominant my dear!

Even though we live in enlightened times, it still feels odd.

You know, to meet a truly dominant woman.

She won’t take any shit.

Least not from me!

As for her man?

And he is her man.

Only a real man could take the punishment that she dishes out.

He is as happy as a sub can be.

His pleasure is bio chemical.

When he talks about what she does…..

I can see his eyes light up.

How do you endure it?

I live for it….


That’s the thing.

He doesn’t have to endure anything.

He loves it.

His body is a collection of scar covered muscles.

There is no role play.

It’s not a game for them.

It is their life together.

Marriage, I’ll never get it.

Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player Part 4 On Sale Feb 19

“Come here and strip me, no talking unless you are spoken to. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” Oisin stands at the foot of the bed and undoes my Converse runners before placing them neatly on the ground. Next, he undoes my belt buckle. I stare at him intently, aggressively even. I really want to fuck him. Fuck him so hard he can’t walk right for a week. He does not dare make eye contact as he tugs my pants down. Is he afraid? No. He too knows what is expected of him in this masquerade. He folds up my pants and places them on the chair, leaving me laying on the bed in just a t-shirt, my socks, and my trunks.

I’ve stopped wearing jock straps. Jock straps are only worn by bottoms so you have access to the ass, while the cock is covered up. A bottom’s cock is, after all, unimportant. “Take my socks off.” Of course, I don’t need to tell him; he is meticulous.

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