Sinful Sunday: Broken Men

Broken man

What has become of us!?

There used to be a time when men were men.

Now it turns out that way too many of us are bitches.

Yes, you heard, bitches!

Take my poor friend Peter.

The poor broken man.

He is a slave to his wife’s strap-on.

She has a selection of them, and they all have names.


Would ye fecking believe it!

She is particularly fond of Martin.

He is named after an ex who got on her titts.

‘Martin’ now wreaks havoc on poor unsuspecting bottoms.

“Martin’ is not merciful.

No, he is the destroyer of rings!

Listening to her describe the pain and suffering she inflicts on her husband….

Suddenly my cock was hardening.

My rage was building.

Peter, I will tame this bitch!

I will do this for you.

I will do this for all broken men.

I will do this for humanity!

But mostly I will do it for me.

Nothing is hotter than taming a Domme.

I know this.

She knows this.

Peter knows this.

As for my poor demented Houseguest?

She is already unpacking her strap on.

She is buzzing with excitement.

Out has come the ‘corrector’.

This is a particularly large beast.

She uses it on the most troublesome of men.

Sorry Pete.

I can only fight on one front.

Your ass is hers!

Do you enjoy hurting your man?

2 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Broken Men

  1. Totally laughing my ass off. Love it. Maybe some women can’t appreciate this, but those with a strap on and a husband who suffers for it, they get it!
    Poor Ro…. I mean Peter.

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