Wicked Wednesday: Mr Grey


Bugger me.

It can’t be that difficult, can it?

A bit of hair pulling.

Some choking.

A fair amount of spanking.

Not to forget some stern words.

Whore, bitch, slut!

Hey presto I’m Mr Grey!

I’m all about helping women live out their fantasies.

So when a play mate asks me to be Mr Grey, I’m like sure.

But buyer’s remorse is starting to kick in.

Can I pull it off?

Have I over promised?

Will I under deliver?

It’s all about attitude and spunk.

I have the spunk, but do I have the attitude?

Am I fierce?

I think I am.

I could learn to be fierce.

I could fake it!

How difficult can it be?

It all seems pretty straight forward.

Personally I don’t get it.

Who wants a weak submissive woman?

This whole Dom thing is over rated.

But hey if she wants it, she gets it.


I must look the part.

Black suit.

White shirt.

Everything must be in black and white, mood lighting.

Lots of candles.

Mucho, mucho candles!

Am I missing anything out?

Is that it?

No, there must be more to it?

Mr Grey sounds a bit simple to me.

Who would get turned on by a dick head like him?

He sounds like the kind of guy that needs a Domme to kick his ass.

I’m fucked!

What makes a real Dom?

11 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Mr Grey

  1. Rob, the reason we love Mr Grey is because he’s fucking hot, spanks ass, fucks in lifts but is broken inside and needs healing. And a woman loves to heal a man and make him whole.

    Oh also he has a ton of money! Always helps hehe 😉

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