Fantasy Friday: The bits we love


We all have bits that we love.

I’m not talking about the obvious body parts.

Like boobs, or willies.

No, I’m talking about those quirky bits.

You know, those odd bits of the body.

Toes, ears, belly buttons and the like.

Of course willies, and bums are sexy too.

But you do get kind of desensitized to them.

But the flash of a sexy foot, now we’re talking.

You just don’t see that every day.

So when you do, it’s exciting.

My beloved has a thing for pits.

She’s like a gay man in that respect.

She adores them.

So my pits always have to clean and fresh smelling.

With no deodorant.

Who is their right mind wants to lick deodorant.


So why do we love these bits?

God knows.

They are not so obviously sexual.

Freud would no doubt have a field day.

But love them we do.

What funny bits drive you nuts?

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: The bits we love

  1. Can’t say I’m a fan of pits, but I do like certain dips on a man’s body. The little dip at the top of a thigh, on the side, just before leg meets hip. The little dip below the ear near the jawline. And smooth, round, muscular shoulders. Let’s not forget those!

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