Wicked Wednesday: Ravish me!

strong women

Oh great!

Not another one.

What is this?

Mills and feckin Boon?

When will people realise that it’s not sexy?

I really would prefer it if you don’t just lay there and ask me to ravish you.

Ravish me back wench!

Where does this come from?

This idea that women can’t be active?

Do we really still live in a world where we don’t expect women to say what they want?

Or do what they want, and take the lead?

Is it feminine to just lay there?

Surely it isn’t.

What a bizarre idea of womanhood.

I find the whole thing very depressing.

The last person you would expect to lay there like a stunned mullet is a swinger.

And yet so many swinger women are just like that.

It just goes to show how strong this idea is.

How boring.

Do something damn you!

Lord help me.

I should have stayed home and had a wank.

It’s enough to bring tears to my eyes.

Thankfully not all women are like this.

When you find a real woman, who has the confidence to be a woman, you need to keep her.

Fight off the other men.

Do what you have to, just win her favour.

Lavish her with diamonds.

Then drag that wench back to your cave and ravish her.

Do you think women should take the lead in bed?

8 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Ravish me!

  1. Women should always take the lead! Is is humanly possible for a man to know better than a woman what pleases her? For fuck sake, NO! Women must lead and tell them. Is it selfish to just lie back and be pleasured? Hell yes. Participation, people!
    Had this same experience too often as well. Nothing is more of a turn off than a woman who is a “lie backer”. It takes at least two to have sex, so they both need to be active. Pleasure should always be a two way street.

  2. I don’t understand why anyone, male or female would lie back and be lazy. It’s half the fun taking the lead, making demands, being in charge of the pleasure that can be had. Giving as well as taking obviously. What is the point of being there otherwise?

    Stunned mullet? Bit harsh.

  3. Well , I for one would be an active partner ! If he needed a bit of leading sure why not ? I would love to have a partner who would ask . What is wrong with ” put your mouth there “. “Or hands here & pinch …”.
    I say sex is a active pleasure all can enjoy ! So speak up ladies ! Tell the dude !!

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