Sinful Sunday: Take one for the team.


Don’t you just hate that.

She is so hot.

Looking fab in latex, with a great rack.

Funny, charming and totally alluring.

She is good enough to eat.

Houseguest and I are positive salivating at the thought of taking her home.

He is also funny, charming and pot bellied.

Latex really doesn’t suit him at all.

Such a pity as he is a total gent.

Thats swinging for you.

It happens.

Quite often you get one beauty and one beast.

The frustrating this is, we’re sure she wants us.

Do I ask my beloved to take one for the team, AKA me?

Do I value my balls?

I think we will pass. 

But having made my intentions to fuck his wife obvious, I now have to save my beloved from the latex charmer.

Sorry buddy, she going through a toy boy phase.

You are just too old.

It’s a living out your fantasies kinda thing.

Life really is too short to be taking one for the team.

Of course I don’t mean it.

I’m happy for anyone to take one for Team Robert.

I’m a man.

Sadly for me, Houseguest is not the type to take one for me.

Thank god she’s not in the Secret Service.

Why did you not take the bullet for the president?

Hello! He’s a minger!

She’s a meanie that one.

Are there any circumstances under which I would take one for her?

Actually I would, but she would never ask me.

Thats the difference between us.

Thats love!

Would you take one for the team?

4 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Take one for the team.

  1. Sure… I’ve taken one for the team a few times in my life and while the notion of it sucks, it’s still sex to be had and I’ve learned not to be of a mind to pass up a chance to bust a nut in someone. Also, it’s about not judging a book by its cover; I’ve had many pleasant surprises from folks with, um, shabby covers. But I also realize that when it comes to sex, it’s not about the other person being able to motivate me to do them; if I can’t motivate myself to get laid, then why am I even bothering?

    Being in the lifestyle, it isn’t just about me – it’s about what my lady wants to do and what she wants to experience so if she’s amped to throw down but I might be a little “leery,” I can put aside my leeriness, get into sex mode, and still have myself a good time; I’m not going to ass my woman out from her pleasures by being overly superficial because she’s not a nice person to be around when she can’t get laid – and guess who has to bear the brunt of her unhappiness?

    Nah, ain’t going there…

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