BUY IT TODAY!! Dragonflies The Duncan Peters Files

CH 15 Dragonflies (2)

Today we have a little something sexy from the wonder Samantha Fontien 

But it today from all good (and bad) ebook stores!

He stood there butt naked, cock in hand, giving it the occasional wank of encouragement. Jessica turned to look at him, as she rose up from the couch, and slowly dropped to her knees.

“Uh uh, no way, you’re not sucking me off now,” he laughed as he guided her back up to her feet. “No darling, I’ll never last with that dirty wee tongue and mouth of yours. No, as I’ve said, I’ll never be able to stop myself from shooting my load deep in that tight throat that you so cleverly use.”

She could only laugh as she leaned into him telling him to hurry up and fuck her real hard, as she retreated to the couch and sat down; her legs spread eagled awaiting him.

 He was more than happy to oblige as he walked to her, and dropped to his knees….

Get shopping people!

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