Wicked Wednesday: Aggro sex

punish her

Why are you doing this?

Why?!! You know why!

No I don’t. I’ve been so good. Please…….

Good? You? Ha!

There is nothing more intolerable to me than a hot Houseguest.

Strutting around the kitchen in high heels and seemed stockings.

And she wore a push up bra, and had unbuttoned her blouse.

A peak of lace……the evil bitch.

I tried to control my anger.

To be a gentlemen.

Truly I did.

You must believe me.

I wanted to be forgiving and charitable.

But she torments me so.

How can I control myself when she acts like this?

She has brought this on herself.

That’s it!

I can take no more.

Bedroom now!

Out of that skirt.

How dare you.

She’s wearing stockings and suspenders.

Evil, pure, unadulterated evil.

This is unbearable.

On all fours now.

Off came my belt.

And my trousers fell down.

I tried to keep my dignity but it was lost.

You asked for this.

But I’ve been so good. What did I do wrong?

What did you do wrong? You, you, yoooooouuuu!

She is fully aware that all hot women must be punished.

The crime?

Hotness. It cannot go unpunished.

You simply can’t walk around like that and not expect to get a spanking.

I do not care if those undies cost a small fortune. I will buy you  more.

They will be ripped off and, well you can imagine the rest.

Cosmic balance has been restored.

Has she learned her lesson?

Something tells me that she will never learn.

How do you think hotness should be punished?

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