Sinful Sunday : The one that got away

tattoo hottie

We all have one.

That hottie that was so close, and yet so far.

I have one.

She’s one half of a swinging couple.

We got the hottie naked and into bed with us.

Hell, we even had sex with her.

I made her cum twice!

But oh no.

Oh no she didn’t.

She didn’t make us come…..

Alas her poor partner could not relax.

So they called it a day before we could really get going.

That sweet, fuckable ass, I licked but did not poke it.

I want it!

I want it bad.

Trouble is the other half.

No not mine, her’s!

One of us is going to have to take one for the team.

Or so we thought.

They are back on the circuit, so we‘ve invited them to our next sex party.

We can off load him onto one of the other guests, then we will both have our wicked way with her.

We’ve already made a list of things we will do to her, and make her do.

Lick her bum.

Make her eat pussy.

Pull her hair.

Slap her ass.

Make her cum.

Choke her a little.

Fuck her with a strap on.

Oh what fun there is to be had

But then the guilt kicks in.

How can we off load him on to one of our guests.

Thats hardly right is it?

No it’s not.

Fuck it!

We’ll make it up to them afterwards.

But the bigger question is whether you should ever really go back ‘there’ again.

Are we looking at her trough rose tinted glasses?

Cum denial can make that happen.

Maybe it wasn’t really all that great?

What if its a total let down?

There is only one way to find out…….

Should you ever go back?

6 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday : The one that got away

  1. On the subject of off loading him…

    Well we all know people have different “interests” or fetishes. Maybe someone at your party gets off on a “challenge”. Guest will be happy. No reason for guilt. Win win. I don’t know why YOU did not think of it. Your welcome.

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