Fantasy Friday : sex Interview

sexy interview

You always want the right type of people to come to a party.

No alcoholics.

No drama queens.

No conservative types.

No selfish lovers.

Attitude is everything!

This is a swinger party after all.

We are here to fuck!


I like to make sure that I know everyone who is attending.

When I say know, I mean know.

So I organised a little pre party get together with some newbies.

A little play date, to get acquainted.

Are you my type of party animal?

Will you fit in with my crowd?

It’s not the women I worry about.

No, it’s always the men.

They can be such fragile things.

Oh no, I’m straight.

I can’t do this.

I won’t do that.

No, no,no.

How Ulster Protestant.

You Sir are uninvited!

Thankfully last night’s interviewees came up to the mark.

I’m straight, but hey, live and let live. Just let me tie a few girls up and spank them.

You will do just fine!

As for the lady, I’m submissive but I like everything.

Perfect, now let’s see what you can both do…..

You would imagine that swingers are open minded sorts.

Sadly this is never the case.

Just like in general society, most swingers are littered with banal prejudices.

It’s all rather disappointing, but no matter.

Dublin burns but we shall ride on!

What would you ask at a sex interview?

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