Fantasy Friday: Dream sex.


When you love someone it’s your duty to make their dreams and fantasies come true.

This has always been my advice to my friends.

One of my dear friends has decided to make his wife’s dreams come true.

By which I mean her favourite sexual fantasy.

She’s always wanted a threesome, with a hot bloke.

You know the type: pecks, abs, sexy smile and a bit of ink.

Who can blame her? I want him too.

They’ve never done this type of thing before, so he’s turned to me.

I am Das Nooki Doktor!

The first thing you have to realise is that it’s just sex.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s still intimate.

But it’s sex.


The thing it is not is making love.

That is something only the two of you do.

Next you need to set ground rules.

Agree what you will and won’t do.

Safe sex, a code word to get rid of him and so forth.

Tell the third wheel what you’d like to try.

Accept what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

She should not be surprised if he asked for a FMF for his birthday.

Good luck with that.

Emotions: some are good.

Elation from the sheer enjoyment of great sex.

Some are most definitely bad.

Jealousy: from watching another man making your partner come.

This is the final and indeed the greatest hurdle.

Like he said to me ‘I don’t know if I can handle seeing her with another man’.

Well if you can’t it’s going to be a pretty shit threesome.

I tried to explain that is not a competition.

Who is going to give her the biggest orgasm.

You won’t lose her.

She’s not going to leave you and the kids for a total stranger, no matter how hot he is.

But she might just give you the fuck of your life as a thank you.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Dream sex.

  1. Here here, HG. He just needs to remember why he is doing this. No disrespect to the other guy, but he is not another partner, he is a sex toy. Pleasure she gets from him is pleasure you are giving her with this gift YOU gave her. If you gave her an ipod you would not be jealous everytime she used and enjoyed it. You would pat yourself on the back and say “I am the best gift giver EVER!”.

    Same here. When her back is arched , toes curled, hands grabbing at anything to hold on for dear life And is screaming her head off, begging fot mercy…..just think “yeah, that’s right, I am AWESOME!”. 😉

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