Wicked Wednesday: Sexual Offerings

sex slave

There are many things in life you should offer a person.

A drink….

A chair….

A helping hand….

But your wife is probably not one of those things.

Unless you happen to be a swinger.

But even then?

Surely there is etiquette we must follow.

Or does one merely say ‘here you go’?

Maybe I’m just panicking a little.

This is the reverse cuck.

I don’t get them either.

Who in their right mind wants to watch a man screw his wife?

And not join in?!

How utterly bizarre.

It’s just out of my comfort zone.

Or at least I thought it was, until I saw her picture.

She is rather fine.

But no. No!

He’s got this all wrong, he should be offering me to her.

Now that sounds much more palatable.

Isn’t that how it should?

Look at what I have brought you my love, a fine man, does he take your fancy?

Leave him with the others…..

Now that’s my kind of fantasy.

One hot woman with a harem of hot men to meet her needs!

Get to work sex slaves!

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