Sinful Sunday: Confessions of a Married Man


I must be stupid.

There can be no other reason.

Why on earth would I put up with such self indulgence?

Never, ever go for a drink with a married man who needs to tell you something.

But I’m a soft touch and he’s a mate in need.

So he’s been having an affair, with another woman.

Why is he telling me?

Does he think i”m a kindred spirit?

Let me tell you, I swing, I don’t cheat.

There is a difference.

Anyhow, he knows not of my demented ways.

Don’t you hate excuses?

Blah, blah, blah…….

Why don’t you just say you fancied her, she fancied you.

You thought with your Mickey and not with your head.

But like a good friend I listen.

Judge not lest thee be kicked up the hole by Houseguest.

Do you feel better now that you’ve told someone?

Yes, it’s a relief. 

Are you going to stop seeing her?


Are you going to leave the wife?


Ah! You’re going to fuck them both over!

I had to ask. I couldn’t help myself.

Do you feel bad?

No, it’s actually fun. 

So its OK if I screw the wife?

Not funny mate, not funny at all. 

Actually, I think that’s very funny.

In fact it would be really funny if I seduced his wife.

It would be hilarious!

Then I can take him out for a drink and confess to him how fun it was.

Why is it that cheaters hate the idea of being cheated on?

Mind you I don’t call it cheating.

I call it sharing!

I’m a bit pissed off to be honest.

I rather like the wife, she’s a good egg.

Now I’m a party to his secret.

This is why yo should never get married!

17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Confessions of a Married Man

  1. Are you good friends with the wife? If you are, you’re rooted. One of my best mates put me in this same position, confessing an affair to me. He didn’t stop to think about the fact I was also good friends with his Mrs and his secret would eat away at me, making every encounter I had with her uncomfortable. It’s a horrible situation to dump a friend into and I may have belted him once or twice. I couldn’t tell her and break her heart, nor could I betray his confidence. Thankfully he did his wife a favour and left her for the other woman a few months later. She still has no idea I knew all along. I’m kinda glad she moved away and now I rarely see her. Lessons the guilt a little. Hope you smacked your friend!

  2. You have such a great sense of humor implying that I would punish you for judging him!! Hahahahahahahah!

    Anyone who knows me knows that I would judge him from here to eternity and kick his cheating ass!! But that’s why this loser would never confide in me, because the only sympathy he could expect would be me offering to assist with the firing squad.

    People truly underestimate the humor you possess!

        1. HG, my sister in moral crime. We would be a force to be reckoned with. Truth be told, my dear friend had bruises by the time he finished telling me his story…and he soon regretted opening his mouth. He’s just lucky we’d been friends since we were kids and my friendship with him was much stronger than what I had with his wife. He got his comeuppance in the end. The other woman left him a few years later. Yes, I let him cry on my shoulder afterward…not before I got a few slaps in though as a reminder why he shouldn’t be a dumbarse ever again. Next time I won’t be so forgiving!

                1. Yes, but only he is married from what I can gather. If that’s the case he is more in the wrong than her…if they are both committed I say bring on the firing squad and let their spouses pull the trigger.

  3. Hi Ronert,
    I agree with never getting married. It takes away the commitment to yourself. If you already know that you have a certain hunger for sex, then why ruin your appetite.
    Your mate it’s an idiot, she will find out. Men change routines and the way they have sex when they are having an affair. It’s a matter of time.then you ca take her to swingers party ;-)).


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