Fantasy Friday: Sex Resolutions

Sex Resolution

So 2014 is finally upon us, and like all good men I have some New Year’s Resolutions.

Here we go:

  1. Never compare ladies breasts……. in public again.
  2. Always compare mens cocks with mouth.
  3. Don’t spit, its rude.
  4. Alway assume someone is watching.
  5. Never try and keep up with Houseguest, no one can take DP like her.
  6. Alway take what you can give. ALWAYS!!
  7. Aim for the mouth, not for the eyes.
  8. Let your guest always go first. Manners!!
  9. Spank Houseguest at least once a day. Make that twice.
  10. Eat more pineapple. Be considerate.
  11. Bonk the ‘straight’ guy at the gym who keeps looking at me.
  12. Never, ever fuck a member of staff again. EVER!!!
  13. Buy a new pair of restraints.
  14. Write 1000 words a day.
  15. Write 4 short stories a year.
  16. Be more selective about the orgies I attend.

OK. I think thats me. All pretty doable?

Well mostly, though spanking Houseguest everyday may be a struggle. She has been known on occasion to tie me up……

How about you, what will you be doing this year?

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