Sinful Sunday : Dud dates

boring sex

We’ve all had them.

They seem like they will be fun, but they turn out be rubbish.

I’m talking dud dates.

A man can be charming, funny, attractive and gym fit.

The perfect third wheel.

But if he can’t back it up in the sack……

Frankly it’s all wasted.

How is it in this day and age you can be rubbish in bed?

Does anyone get that?

Everywhere you look you get sex tips.

Books, videos, magazines, even day time TV.

We are bombarded with sex tips from gays, straights, nuns and priests.

This is Ireland…..

So really, there can be no excuse for being a crap shag.

So how do we make sense of a man who can’t eat pussy, can’t fuck, and can’t suck dick?

And cries at the thought at being fucked.

Sadly it always seems to be the hot ones that think they don’t need to try.

Look at me! I’m Hot! Fuck me!

How about you fuck me back too?

There are exceptions to the rule.

Look at me, I’m Robert India, I’m a ride!

But there is a definite trend.

Some of the best shags in my life have been from plain looking people.

I remember a girl I met in Athlone.

So plain, so boring, and a complete whore in bed.

To say she was demented would be an understatement.

She wanted to do things that I drew the line at.

You would never have guessed from looking at her that she was a wild one.

It just goes to show, that just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,

Nor should not judge a shag by his 6 pack.


What has bee your biggest disappointment? 

4 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday : Dud dates

  1. Lazy people expecting to receive but never give are the biggest disappointment to me.

    But on another interesting note, you should probably hope your “Athlone fuck” isn’t reading this at this moment. Of course, she is! This description of her being plain and boring does not bode well for your testicles, regardless of whether you find it endearing to call her a whore in bed. Men, stupid men!

  2. Robert ,
    I agree . You can never tell . That topic has been around for a long time . Good looking vs Plain . Well my two cents is .
    I look at the heart and personality of someone . They can be HOT and have a awful personality . Or worse a smart ass mouth . I can’t stand that myself . That is when I walk . I could careless about how you look . I want to see your mind , heart , and soul . But that is just me .


  3. Hi Robert;
    My biggest disappointment? That will be my ex husband. 6′ 2. A policeman, great looks, always happy to receive but when it was his turn to reciprocate he wS always too tire. Boring sex was more like it. Yet he complaint plenty about having a threesome, hell you can’t even keep me satisfied much less a third wheel. I always needed up taking care of myself after he fell asleep. Yup never judge a book by it’s cover. Bad judgement.

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