Fantasy Friday: Centre of Lust

group sex

Ah yes, the Lesser Spotted Gangbang.

Much seen on TV, but rarely seen in the wild.

Notice how the woman is the centre of attention.

All the men are there to please her.

Not themselves.

As you can see, she not screaming, or wailing like she’s stubbed her toe.

Yes she appears to be moaning.

But it’s the right type of moaning.

Seems to be in response to stimulation.

From her partners.

She’s not acting like a whore.

No I don’t know what one is either.

Something concocted by Beta females I suspect.

Yes you’re quite right.

She does have a penis in every orifice.

No, I believe that is sensory overload.

She seems to be enjoying it.

As do they.

It is customary for the female to choose the finest male specimens.

All appear to have six packs and be sporting large appendages.

They compete for her favour.

Those bruises and cuts?

No doubt from fighting off other males.

Simple creature the male.

But see how he is totally engrossed in his work.

How long do these sessions last.

Had to say.

She looks particularly voracious.

I suspect it will be all night.


Don’t worry, she won’t cut off their heads and eat them.

I understand that she keeps the males of her liking in a dungeon.

Have you ever seen one in the wild?

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