Wicked Wednesday: Sit there and watch

sex man in bar

Don’t you just hate that.

You arrange a play date, you get all excited.

And then……. bam!

The wenches get all lesbian on your ass.

You just go mind yourself while we get acquainted.

But I want to play too…….

Is there anything worse that having to watch?

Yes, not being allowed to.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love to watch, but I like to join in more.

But no one likes whining.

Orgasmic moaning yes, but complaining?


Two hot sexy women getting busy, and I’m not allowed to join in.

How life mocks me!

OK I exaggerate a little, they just wanted some girlie time together.

So I was dispatched to the bar.

The fecking bar!

Just the thought of them upstairs, doing things, ruined my pints.

I bet she’s eating her pussy, I should be eating that pussy!

Houseguest packed her strap-on, the bitch! I should be fucking that ass!

Barkeep! Another pint!

They eventually put me out of my misery, but only after sending me several pictures.

The evil teases.

Oh, that looks hot, send me more.

Can I come up pleeeeeeaaaase?

Only if you promise to eat both our pussies like a good boy.

I’m all on it!

The things I must endure.

No wonder I’m a mental train wreck!

Whoever said loving this woman would be easy!?

What crazy things do you endure for love?

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