Sinful Sunday: The Things You Do For Love

true love

Love is the most powerful of emotions.

The emotion of extremes: one moment it makes you cry, the next it makes you laugh.

It makes you do crazy things, many a man has been driven mad with love.

But what are we without love in our lives?

A little empty, and maybe a bit less human?

When you have a person in your life you love, you want to make their dreams come true.

For no reason other than seeing them smile.

You feel excited.

Wondering what his or her reaction will be when the love of your life sees what you have done.

This is why we did it.

We wanted to give each other a wonderful, sexy sinful treat.

To make a fantasy come true.

What did we do?

We arranged to make each other’s sexual fantasies come true.

It was my fantasy first.

A FFFM playdate.

The ingredients:

A beautiful Houseguest.

A hot tattooed lady.

A crazy blonde.

And me!

What a night, pinned down and sexually abused.


No party is right without champagne, and champagne needs a bucket of ice.

What did room service find when he came up with the ice? HG answering the door in thigh highs and see through teddy, of course! So in she leads him to find me tied to the bed, with a towel over my tackle, and two scantily clad women looking like they might devour him as well.

The poor man! Not a day over 25 and seeing such debauchery.

It was along night of fun, but it did not end there.

I had gotten wind of my beloved scheming to please me.

So I did some scheming of my own.

After the ladies left in the morning, the second shift arrived.

Two hot, muscular, bi men.

My plan?

A bisexual gang bang for my beloved.

We all took turns fucking each other, putting on a show for Houseguest.

Before we turned our attention to her.

An anal gangbang.

Much sweating, and two orgasms later, it was just the two of us in bed together.

That was the best moment.

No more play mates, just each other, embracing.

Hearts pounding against each other.

“Did you enjoy your treat?”

“Yes, I loved it, but I love this more”.

Love only needs two.

Everything else is just fun.

What have you done for love?

3 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The Things You Do For Love

  1. Beautiful. That’s how it should be. Even when there’s plenty of fun, at the end of the day there’s still just you two. Xxx

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