Wicked Wednesday: Sex without emotions.

office sex

Don’t you just hate that.

Where have you been hiding?

Right under my nose.

What am I talking about?

A hot sexy thing.

A client of mine has had a pre Christmas make over.

Gone are the glasses, she got lasered.

Off have come the braces.

She’s never looked so kissable.

Being a gentleman, I complimented her on her delightful looks.

You look positively ravishing my dear.

And ravished she will be by some horny thing.

Sadly not me.

There are lots of unwritten rules in life.

One such rule is never, ever sleep with a client.

No good will ever come of it.

Don’t come on the hand that feeds you.


Because adults can’t separate sex and work.

We get terribly childish about sex.

Possessive, jealous, whiny.

Moaning I like, whining?


Can you imagine separating sex and ‘life’?

I guess I’m asking if you split sex from emotions.

What do you think, doable?

4 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Sex without emotions.

  1. For me personally, I could imagine once-off sex without emotion, but not sex on a regular basis. For most women, even “friends with benefits” isn’t possible, as the emotions always come into play.

    1. Definitely. I think as human beings, we ARE emotionally attached to our friends (or should be). Meaningless sex has only one rule. Meaningless sex only works if you don’t care about the other person and don’t become “attached”. Attachment and caring is what makes someone your friend by very definition. So before you have begun you have already broken the only rule there is.

  2. Hi Robert;
    just began to follow you. It’s great to know that there are others that will take the great risk,and write true erotica for all tastes. I read some of your blogs, I would call them Sex Adventures, ha ha. I read a book ILLICIT by Opal Carew where the Bisexual relationship took you to many heights. Now I’m totally looking forward to reading yours.
    Dublin ah, I have most wonderful friends there. It most be the people of that city that awesome. Great cheeks by the way,

    Your new follower,
    PS I am also an executive that travels all over!

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